women on beach with wavy hair

5 Signs Your Hair Is Wavy

A quarter of women are unaware their hair is wavy. Unsure? Find out below

1. Your hair is wavy when wet, yet dries straight

Wet hair reveals your natural pattern. If you spot kinks, this is the sign that you don't have straight hair.

Instead of brushing your hair post shower (and encouraging your natural waves to drop) don't touch it while it’s drying and see how it turns out.

If it does appear wavy, the key is to find the right products and techniques to embrace your waves after your hair has been washed. 

2. Your frizz is out of control

Lots of frizz isn't normal for straight hair. It's a common sign that your hair is actually wavy.

Instead of tying your hair back in an attempt to keep it neat, add moisture back into your hair using a high quality conditioner like Merwave's Repair Conditioner

This will deeply hydrate your hair.  Turning that frizzy mess into soft defined waves. 

women on beach with wavy hair

3. Your hair looks puffy or flicks out

Hair that looks puffy or flicks out at the end is a common sign of waves.

It’s very easy for natural waves to be hidden or camouflaged under poofiness - usually because people brush out their waves instead of defining them.

If your hair naturally wants to flick out, it's likely waves trying to form.

4. Your hair is unmanageable

Tried loads of different conditioning treatments and still find your hair impossible to tame? 

Broken hairbrushes or combs just trying to brush your hair? Take you ages to detangle, leading to your hair snapping?

It could be that your hair is extremely damaged or it could be that you have wavy hair. 

5. Heat can't make it straight

Ever noticed that some sections refuse to straighten?

Those kinks just appear and there's no amount of blow drying or straightening that will make them disappear.

That's wavy hair!

Want to transform your hair into soft, beachy waves?

Wave goodbye to dull, frizzy hair. Say hello to gorgeous natural waves. Over 6000 women are using the Merwave wavy hair kit to unleash their soft, defined, beach worthy waves. 5 products formulated for wavy hair. One 15 minute easy process. Incredible wavy hair after 1 wash. 

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''I had always worn my hair straight (unaware it was wavy). Now I've got zero effort, lush, frizz free beachy waves!''

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''I’ve used curly hair products in the past but this beats those hands down! The products are suitable for wavy hair and after a few washes my frizzy damaged hair has turned to gorgeous waves.''

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''Been using for 3 months now and never had so many compliments! My waves look amazing and the process is so easy and quick. Well worth the money''

Customer Reviews

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Jasmine McCarthy
Game changer

I saw the merwave ad come up multiple times but was very skeptical. I feel like I’ve tried it all with my unruly hair with no luck.
After just a couple of tries using the products, it’s been an absolute game changer. It’s SO much easier to sort my hair out (usually a mane of frizz). I’m embracing my natural waves and getting compliments left right and centre.
I honestly cannot believe the difference a couple of products make.
Thank you so much Abi and team- I feel so confident and happy with my natural waves now!

Christine Townsend
Finally I have the hair I always wanted

I wasn't sure the products and application advice would actually work, but thought it was worth a shot. Well it does work and I finally have the kind of wavy hair I always wanted. Thank you!


I’ve just started using the kit and it has really helped restore the curls I didn’t know I had!

Amy Shanley
Love it!

Perfect curls after first wash