How To Refresh Your Hair

Product build up, humidity, sleep, day to day life. 

Multiple reasons why your waves revolt on non-wash days.

They lose definition. It's messy, frizzy, frustrating.

The fix?


This quick process will revitalise your natural wave pattern. Reactivate your waves definition. Fight flyaway frizz.

But how do you refresh your hair?

Two options:

1 - Craft your own refresh mist

Mix water and Repair Conditioner in a mist spray bottle.

Spray onto your hair so it’s damp.

Then scrunch in a little Protect Gel to lock in that moisture and definition.

2 - Merwave Refresh Spray

The weapon of choice for reactivating your post wash day waves.

Simply spray and scrunch.

The upward scrunching motion will break up any frizz and re-shape your wave pattern.

Non sticky. Won’t weigh your waves down.

Want to know the secret to longer lasting waves…
Prevention is better than cure. 

Tossing and turning at night causes frizz. Breaks up your wave pattern.

So sleep on silk.

It’s gentler. Less friction. Absorbs less moisture. Helps retain your wave pattern.

Bonus tip…

When you wake up let your hair settle.

Don’t touch it for 15 minutes. Gives it time to find its place. You can then decide what it needs.

And remember. Your waves are unique. Experiment. Find what works for you.


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