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Help! My Hair Routine Has Stopped Working

Firstly, don’t stress, we’ve all been there! Sometimes you don’t think about how good your hair is until it starts to go wrong.

Here are 4 things you can try when your current hair routine stops working...

1: clarify

Hair clarification is necessary to remove product buildup, excess oil, and other impurities that accumulate over time. The accumulation of these substances can weigh down the hair, diminish its natural shine, and reduce the effectiveness of subsequent hair treatments. By clarifying the hair, you can restore its vitality, improve its manageability, and optimise the absorption of nourishing products, ensuring healthier and more vibrant locks.

Signs you need to clarify...

1. Your hair feels heavy, ‘producty’, frizzy, lacklustre or weighed down.

2. Your go to products don’t seem to be working as well.

3. Your hair feels dry.

4. Your hair and scalp feel coated.

5. Your hair is breaking more than usual

6. Itchy scalp

7. You live in a hard water area.

How often should you clarify?

It really depends on your individual hair and lifestyle. For some people it could be once a week and for others it could be once every few months.

To start with, try once a month and if you don’t see or feel any differences then increase the frequency. 

Post clarifying your hair will be super dry. So make sure your replace that moisture with a deep conditioning treatment.

2: Get a hair cut

This one is pretty self explanatory but if you haven’t had your hair cut recently then the chances are it needs a good trim to get rid of those dead ends that are weighing it down.

My first wavy hair cut transformed my hair. I couldn't believe the impact it had and why I'd never had one sooner. See the full transformation video below. 

A wavy hair cut differs from a regular cut for numerous reasons.

Firstly, wavy cuts often include layers to add volume and definition to the waves. These layers remove weight, which makes it easier to style, leading to more definition.

Wavy hair is also prone to frizziness or puffiness, so wavy cuts can include texturising to tame and control the hair. To enhance and define your wavy pattern, a wavy cut may also include shaping.

5 signs you need a wavy cut

1. Your hair is looking dull and lifeless. A trim helps remove damaged or split ends, making your hair appear healthier and shinier.

2. Your waves are looking frizzy or unruly. Regular trims help keep your hair healthy and well-defined.

3. Your hair is getting too long. Wavy hair can become weighed down as it gets longer, which can make your waves look less defined. A cut helps keep your hair at a length that works well with your natural wave pattern.

4. Your hair is not responding well to styling. If your hair is not holding its shape or not looking as good as you would like it to, it could be a sign that your hair needs a trim.

5. Your hair is feeling heavy on the scalp. Removing the weight of damaged and old ends can prevent your hair from becoming weighed down and heavy.

3: use merwave feed treatment (no.3)

Our hair needs change, when you first started Merwave you may have needed more moisture and less protein so cutting out step 3 worked a treat. But now your hair may have gone into a protein deficit and adding it back in might be just what it needs.

Start by adding a tiny amount in (or use the bowl method so its really diluted) and see what results you get. 

Lots of Merwavers ditch no.3, then re-add it back in at some stage and experience incredible results!


The bowl method helps ensure you're applying your products evenly throughout your hair. Below are a few reasons why even distribution of hair products is important:

Consistent coverage: If you don't apply a hair product evenly throughout your hair, some sections may not receive enough product, while others may get too much. This can result in uneven results.

Maximise benefits: Hair products often contain ingredients that are designed to work on specific parts of the hair, like the roots or the ends. When you apply a product evenly throughout your hair, you can ensure that all areas of your hair are getting the full benefits of the product.

Avoid build-up: Uneven application of hair products can also lead to product buildup in certain areas of the hair. This can cause hair to look greasy or weighed down, and it can also make it harder for other products to penetrate the hair shaft.

Below is a quick bowl method demo that you can easily do at home. Sound on!


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