Bowl Method Demo

The bowl method helps ensure you're applying your products evenly throughout your hair. Below are a few reasons why even distribution of hair products is important:

Consistent coverage: If you don't apply a hair product evenly throughout your hair, some sections may not receive enough product, while others may get too much. This can result in uneven results.

Maximise benefits: Hair products often contain ingredients that are designed to work on specific parts of the hair, like the roots or the ends. When you apply a product evenly throughout your hair, you can ensure that all areas of your hair are getting the full benefits of the product.

Avoid build-up: Uneven application of hair products can also lead to product buildup in certain areas of the hair. This can cause hair to look greasy or weighed down, and it can also make it harder for other products to penetrate the hair shaft.

Below is a quick bowl method demo that you can easily do at home. Sound on!


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