3 Tips That'll Increase Wave Definition

All wavies crave soft, defined, long lasting waves. Yet a common issue women suffer is either a lack of definition, or their wave definition drops out after a few hours.

So below, we've revealed 3 tips you can try to keep your beach waves defined all day, everyday.

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Tip 1: Apply Products To Wet Hair

Applying your styling products (foams & gels) to soaking wet hair is a simple way to maximise the effectiveness of those products and enhance your wave texture.

It's far easier to distribute products throughout your hair when it's wet as the product is applied to each hair strand. Mousses are used to create space between those hair strands, which enhances the wave shape and definition. If you apply product to dry hair, each strand cannot be coated, which limits their effectiveness.

This even distribution helps ensure the product doesn't weigh down specific sections of hair.

Applying products to wet hair also encourages the formation of your waves in their natural pattern. The products then help hold that shape as your hair dries. This results in more defined and consistent texture.

Tip 2: Scrunch In Your Styling Products

Scrunching involves gently squeezing sections of your hair upwards towards your scalp in a scrunching motion.

Not only does this encourage your natural wave pattern to form, it also adds volume to your hair by lifting the roots and creating a fuller appearance.

The scrunching motion essentially sculpts your hair's texture, encouraging individual waves to stand out. This results in enhanced definition.

Tip 3: Stop Touching Your Hair!

For newbies this is a hard task. Yet it's essential if you want your waves to remain frizz free and defined throughout the day.

Wavy hair has a natural pattern of waves that form along the hair shaft. Excessive touching, running your fingers through your hair, or tousling it too often can disrupt this pattern and lead to a loss of definition and shape.

Touching your hair can also cause friction between your fingers and the hair strands. This friction can lead to the creation of frizz. The more you touch your hair, the more likely it is to become unruly and less defined.

Wavy hair holds its shape best when left undisturbed. Touching it excessively can disturb the product distribution we discussed in above. Making it harder to maintain the desired wavy texture.

So don't touch it!


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