Bye Frizzy Hair. 

Hello Gorgeous Waves

The Merwave wavy hair kit will transform your hair into soft, defined beachy waves. Scroll down to find out how

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1. Products formulated for wavy hair

Wavy hair requires lightweight products. Yet most curly hair products contain heavy oils and butters which weigh your waves down. Merwave products contain only lightweight ingredients. Leaving you with softer, bouncier waves. 

Before and after image

2. Quick and easy process

Wash and condition using 1 & 2. Then apply styling products (3,4 & 5). 15 minutes later and your beach waves will be unleashed. Couldn't be easier. 

Image of wavy hair women on beach

3. Reduces frizz and breakages

Curling tongs and straighteners will make your hair brittle, tangled and dry. The Merwave method requires no heat to awaken your waves. You'll be left with healthy, hydrated, frizz-free wavy hair that last for days. 

''My friends couldn't believe the results''

Attractive. Confident. Empowered. Over 6000 women have transformed their hair using Merwave.