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How To Transform Your Hair Into Gorgeous, Frizz-Free Waves

Finally, a hair product that works with your natural waves, not against them.

Monday 5th February by Sadie Glenn

Are you struggling to control frizzy, tangled waves? Does humidity leave your hair a puffy, frazzled mess? Do even your most careful styles end up shapeless by midday? And do most products for ‘wavy’ hair leave your hair limp and greasy?

The struggle is real! But what if you could transform your tresses into gorgeous, flowing mermaid waves that last for days? With Merwave’s lightweight formulas and easy 5-step routine, now you can. 

Read on to find out how you can make bad hair days a thing of the past. 

Lightweight Formulas Are Wavy Hair's Best Friend

Most hair brands cater to tight-spiralling curls and kinky coils. As a result, their products contain ultra-rich butters, thick oils, and heavy creams. While these ingredients provide moisture and definition for coarse, dense curls, they are far too heavy for looser wave patterns.

The result? When used on wavy hair, these thick formulas create a flat, limp mess that resembles unwashed locks doused in grease. 

The excess oils and butters weigh fine strands down, stretching out delicate waves until they lose all shape. Bottles proudly proclaiming "anti-frizz" often end up being the worst frizz offenders of all!

The Merwave Difference

Merwave's lightweight, nutrient-rich formulas were created specifically for wavy hair types. Rather than weighing your hair down, its ingredients work with your waves so they flow beautifully and hold their shape:

Touchable Definition

Merwave's nutrient-rich formulas are specifically lightweight to avoid weighing down delicate waves. This allows your hair to keep its natural shape and movement without falling flat. 

Add Volume 

Unlike heavy creams and butters made for curls, Merwave is light enough to lift your roots for added body. Volumising polymers help plump up strands while avoiding excess oils that lead to limp tresses. 

Natural Movement

You want shine and definition, not rigid curls. Merwave cares for waves and enhances what you already have - no drastic changes to your natural texture. 

Prevent Frizz 

Wavy hair needs consistent moisture to stay defined and refrain from poofing. Merwave binds hydration into hair strands so your waves retain supple smoothness for days rather than falling victim to frizz. 

A 5-in-1 Kit Made Especially For Wavy Hair

Merwave has developed an innovative 5-in-1 haircare system to meet the specific needs of wavy hair. The complete kit features specialty lightweight formulas crafted to gently cleanse, nourish, reinforce, define, and hydrate textured locks.

1) Cleanse Shampoo - Nourishing jojoba and avocado oils deeply cleanse without stripping natural oils, thanks to a sulphate-free formula. B vitamins also energise the scalp and follicles.

2) Repair Conditioner - Glycerin and jojoba oil deliver intense hydration to keep frizz at bay and hair supple.

3) Feed Treatment - A protein-rich leave-in treatment penetrates strands to reinforce hair and reduce split ends over time.

4) Cast Foam - Defines waves by creating lightweight separation around strands for bounce without crunch. It contains polymers that expand strands for the appearance of thicker hair.

5) Protect Gel - An advanced gel formula provides humidity protection, hydrating ingredients like aloe and jojoba oil, and memory hold to keep texture clustered longer between washes.

Stop Battling Your Wavy Hair - Give Merwave A Go!

Tired of fighting the daily battle against frizz, flatness, and greasiness? Merwave has helped over 75,000 wavy-haired women fall back in love with their hair

If you want to say goodbye to bad hair days and get gorgeous, carefree waves, Merwave’s kit may be for you.

It’s only available through their official website - check out the link below to grab a big discount when you buy today. 

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Bye Bye Frizz. Hello Gorgeous Beach Waves!

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