Transform your hair into gorgeous waves

- 5 products formulated for wavy hair

- Awakens your soft, defined beachy waves

- Easy 15 minute process at home

- Kit includes FREE deep conditioning mask (worth £22)

This hair mask will eliminate your frizz

- Reduces frizz, breakages and split ends

- Hydrates and deeply conditions hair

- Hair will feel nourished, shiny and smooth

Revives your dry, damaged hair

A weekly deep conditioning treatment will provide your hair with the hydration boost it needs to keep your waves defined and bouncy for longer.

Unlike curly hair masks (which contain heavy oils and butters) the Merwave mask is formulated for wavy hair

Combining lightweight ingredients such as Cocas Nucifera (coconut), horse tail extract, birch extract and yarrow extract it’ll deeply nourish your hair strands from root to tip.

This’ll retain your hairs moisture which will prevent your waves from becoming weighed down, frizzy and tangled. 

Easy at home treatment

We recommend treating yourself to a deep condition every 7-10 days. Or whenever your hair is feeling dry and frizzy.

1. Shampoo hair as normal (don't condition)

2. Apply mask to wet hair

3. Comb/detangle hair whilst it’s dripping in the hydrating mask

4. Leave mask on for 30 minutes (or longer if you want)

5. Rinse off with warm water

6. Style as normal 

Bye bye frizz. Hello healthy hair

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Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Deep Conditioning Mask (300ml)

  • Restores damaged hair. Reduces frizz and breakages
  • Lightweight ingredients deeply moisturises your hair 

  • Hair will become shiny, soft and silky-smooth

  • Contains no silicones, sulphates or parabans.

  • Vegan friendly. Cruelty free. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Does what it says on the tin

I have had puffy hair all my life and despite purchasing a diffuser and leaving my hair to dry naturally I have never quite managed to get nice consistent curls - it would curl underneath and puff on top. Merwave does exactly what it says - I have some nice defined curls albeit with still a little frizz on top but I'm only 4 weeks in so I expect that to go. Easy to do and follow and leaving my hair to dry feels so liberating! Still some way to go in my personal journey to avoid knots but a great set of products!

Great products

As many other customers, it took me over 30 years to understand I have wavy hair. The products worked perfectly after the second attempt, I’d recommend checking out how to diffuse hair properly before giving it a try. Highly recommended.

It really does work!

I’m always sceptical about online ordering but decided to risk it and the waves which I thought had gone when menopause started have returned thanks to the merwave products! Unfortunately for me due to wearing a shower cap type hat at work and ointment to treat psoriasis I have to wash my hair every day so can’t follow all the merwave ‘rules’ but at least I know that when I want a wavy hair day I can have one!

Clare G
Do it!

Using these products wasn’t too big a change for me as previously I didn’t straighten or blow dry but my hair was very dry and knotty especially underneath. I’m finding the conditioner works well and on refresh days I just use spray with conditioner. This stops the knotting too. I’m still experimenting with these products but happy so far. The mouse is much lighter than curling moose which can make my hair crunchy. I have very thick, long hair so use quite a lot of product but have found that switching to the non sulphate, non paraben shampoo means I don’t need to wash very often (about every 5 days or so) so it doesn’t work out too expensive. I’ve emailed Abi and she replied straight away with some suggestions. I’m impressed so far!

Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions please email me directly:

Are the products all curly girl friendly?


Are the products vegan?

Yes they are

When can I expect to see results?

Your hair should become softer and less frizzy after the first usage

Do you ship to the USA and Europe?

Not at the moment. We will do eventually. Just have some hoops to jump through first as they are cosmetic products :)