Why Thousands Of Women Are Using This Kit To Awaken Their Beach Worthy Wavy Hair

Finally, a set of products that transforms dull, frizzy, flat hair into soft, defined waves. Here are 5 reasons why women are obsessed with theMerwave wavy hair kit...

1. The Products Are Formulated For Wavy Hair

Wavy hair requires lightweight products. Yet most hair products are packed with heavy oils and butters. These cause build up, which will weigh your waves down and make it stringy. Merwave products are lightweight, water soluble and have a thinner consistency. Leaving your wavy hair with more volume and bounce.

Image of wavy hair women on beach

2. Unleashes Waves After One 15 Minute Wash

Say goodbye to long, complicated wash routines. The easy 5 step Merwave method takes less than 15 minutes. The end result are soft, defined beachy waves that last for days. 

Image of wavy hair women on beach

3. Reduces Frizz & Breakages

Repetitive use of curling tongs and straighteners can severely damage your hair. It'll become brittle, tangled and dry. The Merwave method requires no heat to awaken your waves. Which means your hair will be healthy, hydrated and frizz free. 

Image of wavy hair women on beach

4. Doesn't Strip Your Hairs Natural Oils

Unlike cheaper alternatives, the Merwave products contain no silicones, sulphates and parabans. These harmful ingredients strip away your hairs natural oils, weigh down your waves and cause your hair to become dry, weak and prone to breakages. This won't happen with Merwave.

Image of wavy hair women on beach

5. Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

Women are flocking to Merwave to awaken their gorgeous waves. Since launching in April 2020, over 5000 wavy hair kits have been sold. It's the new, quick and easy method to unleashing all year round beachy locks. 

Wavy Hair. In Less Than 15 Minutes

Craving that defined, soft, wavy hair we get after swimming in the sea? Beautiful, nourished waves that puts a smile on our face and makes us feel confident? Click below and join 5000+ women who've awoken their waves with Merwave.