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Published 25th January 2022

Does My Hair Need Moisture Or Protein

If your hair is dry, a common belief is that it is lacking moisture. We therefore go crazy with conditioners and deep conditioning masks to re-hydrate our waves. Yet if you've done this and your hair is still dry, then you could be suffering from a protein deficiency. 

This article is going to cover the key difference between moisture and protein within your hair routine. You'll then discover the quick test you can take to discover whether your hair is lacking protein or moisture...

the difference between moisture and protein

When it comes to your hair health, both moisture and protein are essential. If your hair lacks one or the other, it can become dry and brittle.

If you’re lacking sufficient protein, your hair can also lose its elasticity and this makes it more prone to split ends and breakages.

Even though both factors contribute to poor hair health, you might only need one or the other when you’re trying to restore your hair to full health.

what do moisture and protein do for your hair?

Protein is crucial for healthy hair. Each hair strand is held by a bond. Proteins will reinforce these bonds which will make it stronger and less likely to suffer from damage. 

Moisture on the other hand will hydrate those bonds.

Some of the products made to moisturise and style wavy hair contain oils and butters that are full of essential fatty acids. These oils might come in the form of coconut, jojoba, or argan oil.

Fatty acids can rehydrate the hair and add some much-needed moisture. They can also promote the growth of your hair and protect it from breakages. That being said, unlike curly hair, wavy hair requires lightweight products. Which is why we don't advocate using heavy butters and oils as they can weigh your waves down. 

Image of a woman with a wavy hair

how to know when your hair needs moisture?

Simple test. Take a wet or dry strand of your hair and stretch it. If it doesn't stretch and snaps, then you need more moisture. You can tell that your hair needs moisture when it feels dry and brittle. It will lack shine and tangle easily.

If you regularly use heated hair tools, such as straighteners or curling tongs, your hair is more prone to dryness. Your hair will easily tangle and your waves will be less defined. In this case, you’ll need lots of moisture to keep your hair wavy and strong.

The Merwave Repair Conditioner will feed your hair with the moisture it needs without weighing your waves down. 

how to know when your hair needs PROTEIN?

On the flip side, if you brush your hair and the strands start falling out, then you need more protein. Limp and stringy hair is also a red flag that your hair is lacking protein. 

High porous strands have tears and gaps in the hair, which causes the hair to absorb and release moisture faster than normal. This leads to tangled and frizzy strands. 

To combat this, you should use the Merwave Feed Treatment once a week to give your hair a protein boost. This will boost your hairs elasticity which will create bouncier, fuller wavy hair. 



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